In an environment of misinformation, ensure your brand isn’t compromised – choose to advertise with the world’s most trusted news brand.

Source: Study, BDRC Q19 & Q20, Value of News’ Satellite Carriage Continental, 1st Sep – 12th Sep 2016

Trust is one of the key reasons our audience choose us

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of accuracy and constantly strive to provide the real story to our audiences, avoiding unfounded speculation.

Here are just some of the ways that we continue to build trust with our audiences:


BBC News expert Network: We invite intellectual institutions and think tanks with exceptional expertise to bring insight, analysis and research to our audiences

Reality Check is the BBC’s fact-checking team who cut through the claims and counterclaims in stories making the headlines to bring our audiences the facts

Slow news: We offer more in-depth analysis of topics and issues impacting people today around the world

Double-source: We will not run a story unless it has been verified by two sources


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