The BBC's commitment to sustainability

The BBC already has a great legacy, impact and expertise in the sustainability space. We aim to be net zero in terms of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

To achieve this, and to create a positive environmental impact, we will continue to follow our Greener Broadcasting strategy. This focuses on our own operations, our editorial content, and our involvement in industry initiatives, such as being a launch partner for Dimpact, an online tool that calculates the carbon emissions of digital media content.



  • Reduce CO2 by 24%: BBC Studios is already carbon neutral
  • Reduce energy by 10%: by monitoring consumption and operating technology efficiently
  • Reduce waste by 10%: aiming for third party zero waste to landfill certification and cutting single use plastic from our operations
  • Smarter travel: BBC Studios is aiming for minimum 50% reduction in travel, and we use local reporters where possible to bring authenticity and diversity to our storytelling
  • Sustainable production: using the Albert calculator provided by BAFTA; BBC Studios has a target of 100% Albert across all genres

Download our full environmental sustainability strategy below: