Science of Engagement

Multi-award winning* research using state-of-the-art facial coding technology helps us to understand the emotional impact of content-led marketing and show its effectiveness.

We asked 5,153 digital consumers of English-language international news across Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada and Germany to view content on  Their facial movements were recorded on a second-by-second basis and then coded into six possible emotions: sadness, puzzlement, happiness, fear, rejection and surprise. This enabled us to identify each person’s emotional response and how they truly felt about the content they were viewing, rather than relying on traditional analytics such as dwell time and page views. The results are fascinating and show that, when clearly labelled, content-led marketing is considered trusted and persuasive in quality environments, and that it has a powerful emotional impact on the brands involved.  

*IAB Europe - Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour. IAB Europe – Brand Advertising Effectiveness. The Spark Awards 2016 –Best Insights and Research Project by a media owner. MRS – Advertising and Media Research. AMES 2016 – Innovative Use of Data Technology

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