A Pandemic Shift

Looking to the Future in a COVID-Impacted World

In this fascinating panel discussion, top BBC World News presenters looked at what this new, COVID-influenced, world will look like in the future, and shared their predictions on the coming months.

This virtual panel took place in October 2020.


Moderated by Global Questions host Zeinab Badawi, the panel explored the political, social, economic, and technological shifts to come. What can we expect our societies to look like? How will the pandemic influence global politics, including the US election? What will travel, for business and pleasure, look like? What technological innovations lie ahead that can pave the way for a brighter future? And what role does programming, and media in general, have to play in this new reality?


The panel consisted of New York Correspondent Nick Bryant and presenters Spencer Kelly (Click), Christa Larwood (The Travel Show), and Philippa Thomas (Coronavirus: Your Stories). Introduction by Chris Davies (EVP Marketing & Distribution, BBC Global News).

Recorded on 8th October, 2020.