BBC Global News works with hundreds of partners around the world to distribute our trusted
content to global audiences. From watching BBC World News at home, to consuming the channel
live in-flight, or reading articles via one of our own platforms or syndication partners, audiences
can access our content through more channels than ever before.


BBC World News is the leader in global breaking news. With journalists in more countries than any other international news broadcaster, the channel offers audiences vivid and authentic storytelling. Broadcasting in English to a global audience 24 hours a day, BBC World News is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and over 454 million households.

For residential distribution opportunities contact:

Western Europe: Simon.Cottle@bbc.com

Central Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East: Lascelles.Morgan@bbc.com

Africa: Alois.Naka@bbc.com

Americas: Will.Lesley@bbc.com


BBC World News is the go-to destination for travellers eager to keep up to date with the latest news from around the globe – whenever and wherever they want it. The channel’s content is available in millions of hotel rooms, on over 170 cruise ships, 53 airlines (including 14 distributing the channel live in-flight) and 23 mobile phone networks. Content services include the live channel, individual news bulletins, text feeds and programme packages.

Contact Zina.Neophytou@bbc.com for out-of-home commercial opportunities.


The BBC.com digital portfolio covers a broad range of up-to-minute international news, in-depth analysis and feature content, accessed by over 151 million unique browsers each month. Our syndication team licence premium third-party partners with branded content from our digital offerings, including text, images and packaged video feeds.   

Contact gnlsyndication@bbc.com for digital syndication opportunities.