Over half the global online audience watch or view the BBC on a monthly basis, attracting audiences with vastly differing characteristics who can be precisely targeted through our data management platform. However, two highly attractive audience segments significantly over-index across BBC platforms; Worldly Achievers and Culturally Curious. Sharing characteristics such as high level of wealth, education and a global perspective but with vastly different outlooks on life, these segments form the basis of the BBC's core global audience. 

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Educated, affluent and career-oriented, Worldly Achievers engage with everything around them. Motivated and with a global outlook, they are prolific consumers, always first with new technology and extremely brand-conscious. They enjoy being informed and being able to share their insight with their personal and professional circles. Trusting the BBC more than any other segment, they are the most frequent viewers across all BBC platforms.

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Educated and outward-looking, the Culturally Curious are more than twice as likely than any other segment to say they are interested in other countries and cultures. Driven by a desire to develop new skills and a willingness to pay for experiences, they favour travel and exploration and have a strong interest in arts and culture. They are the segment most likely to be aware of the BBC and have the most favourable overall brand impression.

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