BBC Global News Ltd sells advertising and sponsorship solutions on its commercial portfolio across TV, online and mobile platforms globally.

BBC Global News Ltd connects advertisers to an influential, affluent and engaged audience on TV, online and mobile in key markets outside the UK. We can help you build campaigns on BBC World News and digital platforms including BBC.com, BBC World Service, TopGear.com and BBCGoodFood.com.

We offer brands a range of approaches to connect with BBC Studios and BBC World News audiences. Working with our BBC StoryWorks team, BBC Global News Ltd can also provide you with a unique range of high-impact, creative solutions around this content.


What is BBC StoryWorks?
BBC StoryWorks is the content marketing team that sits within BBC Global News Ltd. BBC StoryWorks works with international advertisers to develop and deliver branded, partnered and sponsored content across BBC Studios’s and BBC Global News Ltd’s digital and TV platforms. 

What is BBC Studios and BBC Global News Ltd?
BBC Studios and BBC Global News Ltd are the main commercial arms and a wholly-owned subsidiaries of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The vision is to build the BBC’s brands, audiences, commercial returns and reputation across the world. This is achieved through investing in, commercialising and showcasing content from the BBC around the world, in a way that is consistent with BBC standards and values. The business also champions British creativity globally.

How can I find a job at the BBC?
Visit the BBC Careers website for more details.

Where can I find press releases about BBC Studios and BBC Global News Ltd?
Visit the BBC Media Centre for BBC Studios and BBC Global News Ltd press releases and other news from the BBC.